From the moment we met Carol Maynard she put us at ease.  She was totally at ease with my 9 year old’s silliness, soothing in the face of his worry and feeling of failure and resourceful when he was impatient.  Basically, she was magic.  Carol has an impressive blend of professional acumen and experience, deep compassion, excellent communication skills and a natural, unforced ability with kids.  She is a total master of her craft.

Her work with my son illuminated a problem we hadn’t known was there.  She was able to identify two different auditory processing issues that, once she labeled, he found words for: “I can’t hear anything at school, Mom.”  And, “I have to teach myself all the math because I can’t hear the teacher when he teaches to the whole group at once.”  Carol was excellent at translating her knowledge about our son’s auditory deficits and at laying out the implications of those deficits.  This was incredibly helpful, not only making us (even) more empathic for what he had been struggling with but also for opening a stream of communication with our son on a subject we had no idea we needed to talk about.  She also provided us with detailed written suggestions for accommodations for learning that enabled us to anticipate and advocate for his needs at school - like preferential seating in the classroom, for example.  Furthermore, she suggested and proctored an auditory training program- Fast ForWord - that vanquished one of his auditory processing disabilities entirely.  What we hadn’t anticipated was the way in which lightening this sensory load for him would open up his capacity in other arenas: all of a sudden he had a posse of friends and could participate in a class discussion.  The result of those two things got him re-engaged in school and in the world outside his own mind.

Whenever we had need of her she was unfailingly responsive, encouraging, kind, prompt, knowledgeable, professional and willing.  It isn’t overstating things to say that Carol’s diagnosis and treatment changed our son’s life, and ours.  Her move is a significant loss for our town and significant gain for the children of whatever town she chooses to practice in.  I would be very glad to have the chance to tell you more about Carol if you would like to contact me.


Asheville, NC

Please take a look at what some of our clients think.

You are the absolute best.  Please move back and I will be your biggest cheerleader.


Bryson City, NC

Carol was a pleasure to work with, was dependable, and held high work ethics.  She was highly committed to her work.


Forest City, NC