​How could a consultation help?

Are you frustrated?

  • You spent thousands of dollars on hearing aids and you still have trouble understanding
  • You know you can hear the sounds, you just can't make out the words
  • You can understand if it is quiet and calm, but if other people are talking or you are busy doing something else, you miss some of the words, or even the whole meaning of what someone has said
  • You are embarrassed to keep asking friends and family to repeat themselves - your hearing aids should be doing the trick - "What is wrong with me?"
  • You just want to be able to enjoy your family's company without feeling like a third wheel in the conversation
  • Your loved one doesn't seem to get everything they had hoped from their hearing aids
  • Your child's hearing (or yours) has been tested, and it's fine, but he/she still doesn't understand clearly what is said
  • ​Your child was diagnosed with an attention problem, but something else seems to be keeping them from the success in school or work you know they are capable of
  • Your or your child's hearing aids really help them to hear, but they are still having so much difficulty understanding what is said
  • ​Your child has been in speech/language therapy for a long time, but they don't seem to be progressing well and you wonder if they can hear all the sounds of speech
  • Your child becomes easily overwhelmed when they have too much going on around them
  • You are frustrated at work because you can't follow the conversation or hear on the phone


Clinical Psychologist

Find out if:

  • You can get more from your hearing aids 
  • Some auditory training tasks could help
  • An assistive listening device might help
  • You have an auditory processing diagnosis but not sure what to do next?
  • You or your loved one should have an auditory processing evaluation?

  • Or, do you just have questions about your hearing and what to do next?

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