Lectures and Workshops

Appropriate audiences include:

  • Classroom and special education teachers and specialists
  • IEP teams
  • 504 Plan administrators
  • Any group where more information about hearing loss or CAPD might benefit communication and understanding, such as work place teams, sports teams, church groups, family members, etc.
  • School nurse and wellness programs
  • Support groups
  • ​Parent groups

If you have something or someone specific in mind, please do not hesitate to contact MaresEatOats Hearing as we are happy to tailor to your needs.  

Any topic can be made specific for individuals, or more general learning experiences.  


  • Understanding hearing loss 
  • Implications of hearing loss in the classroom
  • Understanding central auditory processing disorder
  • Why CAPD matters in the classroom
  • Down Syndrome and hearing loss
  • Creating a friendly work or school environment for someone with hearing loss or CAPD
  • Interventions for CAPD and why they are not one size fits all
  • Whys and hows of a hearing screening program
  • ​Hearing aid monitoring for the classroom
  • Retraining the central auditory system
  • Emotional consequences of hearing loss or CAPD
  • ​Why ear infections matter for learning
  • Why don't my hearing aids fix my listening problems
  • ​Preferential seating isn't enough